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  Emperor trade co., LTD in anhui was formally founded in August 2007. is headquartered in anhui hefei, based in hefei, radiation throughout the anhui, with offices in hefei, wuhu, owns three plates, MRO, labor insurance supplies division, electricity group and health industry group, MRO division is mainly engaged in personal safety protective equipment, committed to the personal safety of protection and improvement of everyone, we through the agent at home and abroad high-quality PPE manufacturer integrating the world most the high grade resource, combining professional and practice, will lead the industry product concept and rich industry experience, the combination ofBring the best quality products and the latest safety concept to our employees and customers.

  For a long time, Zhongdi has been committed to the promotion of safety products.As the first level agent of the world famous brands such as Inke, Delta, Lakeland, Nepig, MSA and Kimberly-Clark, we have been providing the customers and individuals in the domestic market with the products and comprehensive, reliable and fast service in line with the international quality requirements.After years of hard work and continuous development, Zhongdi has maintained a good cooperative relationship with many enterprises in the fields of safety protection, such as metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, fire protection and pharmaceutical industry, growing and developing together.Company with "professional, integrity and service" for the development of fundamental, over the years has been consistent affirmation and praise from all walks of life, won the excellent reputation for the enterprise, and gree, beauty cheese, TCL, boe, beauty, car and other international well-known enterprises in long-term cooperation agreement, high quality, attentive service won the trust and praise, many enterprises in which we operate are hundreds of brands of the products sell well in all parts of anhui, protective equipment, hearing protective equipment including head, eye face protective equipment, body protection articles, foot protective equipment, gas detection equipment, and emergency rescue equipment, environmental emergency response products, security locks and other products.In short, we bring the advantages of each brand to our users, the most suitable products to our users.

  The main agent brands are Lakeland, which focuses on chemical protection; Newpiger, which focuses on chemical emergency treatment; and Incott, which focuses on other testing industries.Focus on respiratory protective class 3 m, v-gard, dyer tower, honeywell, focus on cleaning products kimberly-clark, focusing on high temperature protective caston, clean comfortable than, focused on eye facial protection UVEX, focus on safety locks brady, Marjorie, focused on chemicals, transport and storage of risk control of justrite, focusing on the welding protective Witt, and sith bell, huaxin and so on various well-known brands.We can not only give you the best cost-effective products, but also bring you more value-added services.If the product early consultation, the middle product training, the late product maintenance, timely and effective distribution services, to solve your worries.